Monday, March 19, 2012

"Wildlife Heroes" - New Book Published about Conservation

In early March 2012 a fantastic book "Wildlife Heroes" was published. This 264 page book highlights the efforts of researchers and conservationists to save endangered and threatened species throughout the globe. Written by Jeff Flocken of IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and Julie Scardina, Animal Ambassador for Sea World Parks, Wildlife Heroes contains a plethora of interesting fun facts as well as insights and interviews with the dedicated people working in the field. Many of the conservationists in the book have either been a speaker or a keynote speaker at past ZACC conferences.

ZACC Keynoters:
Deb Tabart, Koala - 1999 ZACC hosted by San Diego Zoo
Karen Eckert, Sea Turtle- 2001 ZACC hosted by Brevard Zoo
Steve Galster, WildAid - 2005 ZACC hosted by Brevard Zoo

ZACC Speakers:
Marc Ancrenaz, Orangutan
Greg Rasmussen, African Painted Dog
Belinda Low, Grevy's Zebra
Claudine Andre, Bonobo
John Lukas, Okapi
Laurie Marker. Cheetah
Pati Medici, Tapir

It is refreshing in this day and age of too much hype and bad news to see a publication that can serve to both inform and inspire others to take action. The people in this book are true heroes, people who have dedicated their lives to making a difference, a source for good in the world and who exemplify the philosophy of the Power of One! This is a must have for all zoo, school and public libraries. It is a book for both young and old alike, a great resource for anyone with even an inkling of interest in the natural world.

100% of the proceeds sale of this book will go towards supporting field conservation projects.

To purchase the book tap into:

Or simply tap into the photo of the book cover above to go directly to the same web site.

If you would like to contact Jeff Flocken about lecturing at your institution, he can be reached at:

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